//I’m (Still) The Asshole

I’m (Still) The Asshole

Lost my cool for the first time out there, was hand watering the last green of the morning, thinking about breakfast. Par 3 155, front pin. I've got the back 2/3 watered while a 4 some played through. I wave the 'hold up' sign to the 5-some wating on the tee and pull my hose across in front of the pin and start watering. Within a minute all five yell Fore and the ball lands feet from me, rolls to a foot from the pin. I'm seeing red, pick that ball up and throw it back. It took me thirty seconds to finish watering the rest of the green.

Please don't hit into people… especially staff, when they're not looking. We're fans of our eyesight too and we're probably holding you up for a good reason. Like we're dealing with a fairy ring outbreak and we're looking at humid 97 degree temps starting in a few days.

Well that's my story, just wrote this in the shop before I head out and appologize to the group in question. Thank goodness I'm not at a private course, right?!

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