//Money well spent

Money well spent

I just wanted to come here and say I finally pulled the trigger. I took the advice of many golfers on this sub and started taking lessons. I have had three sessions with my coach Tim and already I’m a totally different golfer with a brand new swing.

Note: I had a lesson once every two weeks and played a round or two between each lesson.

First lesson was a swing assessment. We decided to completely blow up my grip and backswing. Start from the ground up. He showed me the correct grip and told me to practice that grip as many times as possible before my next lesson. I took my 9i out and had it live on my couch, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom for the next two weeks constantly picking it up and gripping it correctly.

Second lesson we worked on my set up at the ball, my take away, and my finish. No full swing work yet. He gave me three drills to practice each of those components. Some of the drills are very small motions that would look nothing like part of a swing on their own, but I trusted Tim and set myself to practice. I brought a club to work and spent 20 min during my lunch every day doing those drills. Most days I also spent 20 min at home practicing the drills.

Third lesson was the back swing. Again this was broken down into small, digestible drills with verbal queues. Again I’ve set myself to practicing the drills and combining them with my new take away.

It’s only been one week since my last lesson. Yesterday I played 9 after work and though my score only reflects a small improvement (I desperately need to work on my putting) my swing feels so much better! I haven’t even drilled my full swing at the range and already the improvement is remarkable.

A couple thoughts on my experience so far. Having an instructor obviously helps identify the problems in your swing and correct them, but I’m most impressed by Tims approach. Instead of telling me all the things I need to change at once he gives me small drills that train the many motions of a golf swing without me even realizing. I also love the verbal queues. My take away, which has three distinct drills that train it, is queued to “down”. The rest of the back swing, again three distinct drills that train it, is queue to “punch”. So when I step up to the ball I don’t have to think about 6 different things I only have to say to myself “down, punch” and my body just does it. I think this could be a useful technique to a lot of people trying to
Improve or make changes to their game and I highly encourage it.

I have 6 more lessons with Tim and I can’t wait to see where my swing is at by the end! I highly recommend getting lessons if it is at all in your budget. If you really want to get better at golf it’s the most effective use of time and money towards achieving that goal.

Thanks for reading, just wanted to share my progress with the sub I love to lurk.

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